Northrup Theater

            The  Northrup Theatre opened April 7 1930 by Frank and Maybelle Northrup showing "Footlights and Fools" starring Colleen Moore. Admission was 35 cents for adults and 10 cents for children. LaRosh and Sons construction crew, residents of Syracuse with a cost of $60,000, built the structure. It was in 1948 that J.M. Lort, Jr. Association of Aurora Colorado renovated the building. The renovations at the time included the four french entry doors and ticket office being modified to a smooth concave curvature of 8" x 8" glass block. A 20-degree angle was constructed  to give an angled effect pulling the traffic into the box office. The basic structure for this theatre has not changed and is a classic example of the Art deco movement in the 1940's. The theater seating was composed of approximately 800 chairs when it opened in 1930. It was in 1948 that every other row was deleted to provide more aisle space and also it was not necessary to continue the broad number of seats due to decreasing number of those movie-going participants. The new seats were installed in 2000 and we can now seat 276.

             The Syracuse- Hamilton County Chamber of Commerce purchased the Theatre in 1991and continues to operate it today as a working movie theater, showing movies Friday through Sunday. Check out the events page for live entertainment at the theater. 

The Northrup Theatre was entered into the National Register of Historic Places in February 2005.  Through  grants from the Kansas State Historical Society, the theater's structure is continuing to improve.              

Tours are available with prior arrangement with the Chamber of Commerce office at (620) 384-5459 or E-MAIL 

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Theater open Fri.-Sun 
Showtime 7 pm (MT)

Adult admission, 13 & over $6.00 
Child admission $4.00 

($2.00 additional charge per
ticket for 3-D movies)

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